Who we are

Arithmos is the brainchild of a team of developers, designers and marketing gurus coming together to result in a creative & strategic confluence. We’ve helped businesses develop marketable masterpieces through our expertise in brand development, strategic analysis and creative marketing. Our passion for crafting personalized solutions and client care has left a lasting impression on our clients and forged successful partnerships that we pride on.

What We Do

Create a Product

We understand the importance of personalized software solutions. Our developers and designers create beautiful websites and applications that are unique to your product.

Market Your Product

You have great product and its ready to take the market by storm. But how do you get the word out? This is where our expert team of designers, marketeers come in.

Strategic Analysis & Consultation

We analyze trends and behavioral data to strategics the right moves for your business.


• Custom Software Development • Targeted Social Media Advertising • Image & Video Advertisements • Web Development, IPG & Third-Party API integration • Strategic Analysis



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Kalana Muthumuni



Hareenda Ranasinghe



Harsha D Wijendra

Team Lead | Technical Consultant


Manujith Pallewatte


Lahiru De Alwis


Achala Dissanayake

Pricing Quotation

No two people are the same nor two business alike. We believe in customized solutions that are tailor made for your requirement. If you enjoy working with a hard working team of driven individuals, please do contact us via one of the following methods so that we can quote you the best price for the solution that you need.

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Custom Software Development

Arithmos can help actualize your idea.

Our developers and designers cater to your requirement, create effective and beautiful websites that are unique to your product and provide key software solutions that will best suit your business.

Target Social Media Marketing

Navigating the world of Social Media Advertising can be a bit tricky and reaching your targeted audience is essential for the success of your brand.

Arithmos’ marketing gurus study the dynamic market trends and aim to keep your business a step ahead. In simple terms, we give you marketing solutions that actually work.

Image and Video Advertisements

You have great product and its ready to take the market by storm. But how do you get the word out? This is where we come in.

With the expertise of our team in design, marketing, advertising strategies and branding, we will make sure your product reaches the right audiences, develops an unparalleled brand image and is creatively marketed to resonate among the masses.

So, what does a marketing specialist actually do? They study. They study the affect of words and images on people. People who need to connect to your brand.

Our marketing specialists know what image to use and which word to choose. They work closely with our designers to create image and video advertisements that help your brand connect with the masses and build trust. Needless to say, that is a recipe for success.

Web Development

We understand the importance of websites that are tailor made to fit the requirements of the target market.

This is why our developers and designers create beautiful websites and applications that are unique to your concept, provide innovative solutions that will best suit your business needs and quintessentially personalize your business journey to ensure success and sustainability for your business.

IPG & Third-Party API integration

Using the best industry practices we will deliver seamless API and IPG integration services for your product.

We will ensure that your software or website is flawlessly integrated with the standard or custom APIs. Our processes will neutralize any redundancies and overlaps and make sure that your product functions perfectly.

Strategic Analysis and Consulting

Today we live in a highly data driven business landscape. This is where Strategic Analysis utilizes the correct data and constantly analyzes trends.

In doing so, we help you in making crucial decisions based on valuable data that aims to put your business far ahead of your competitors.